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New Earth Advanced Thermal (NEAT) Waste to Energy Process Plant

During the electrical installation of New Earth Solution’s MBT Recycling plant  in Avonmouth for Dean & Dybal, the main contractor, we struck up a very good relationship with NES. Having delivered a successful project, we were invited to Tender for the Waste to Energy plant (New earth Advanced Thermal, or NEAT for short.)

Following our successful tender, we worked closely with the NEAT Team on the electrical design for the waste to energy process. Hot gasses are produced in the NEAT units which are drawn into a very large boiler to produce steam for the turbines. Our installations also included the electrical turbines, condensing systems, and filter systems for third party contractors.


This project is typical of the ethics of our company, where we all work closely with the client to deliver installations that meets the functional specification at a very competitive cost, providing solutions for a successful project.

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